The ECOMER association, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and the Port Vauban are organising the 26th edition of the Yachts of the Heart on Saturday 19 October. This solidarity action, which mobilizes the generosity and solidarity of seafarers, consists of a vast human chain for yacht crews. Clothing, linen, non-perishable foodstuffs are collected and donated to the two partner associations, the Banque Alimentaire 06 and the Croix Rouge de France.

Two major innovations for this 2019 edition which will take place over a full day with the holding of a boat vacuum in partnership with the ISCAV for the benefit of the port’s yachtsmen and the organisation of a lottery for the benefit of the SNSM of Antibes.

The operation is definitively taking up residence in the heart of Port Vauban, at the Bastion Saint-Jaume, which will also enable the association to organise several events around the human chain, including underwater and environmental exhibitions and demonstrations. “At Port Vauban, we are as close as possible to our generous donors, i. e. yacht crews, seafarers who know the meaning of the word solidarity. The teams at the Port Vauban understand this identity perfectly,” says ECOMER President Jean-Luc Annone.
This generosity has made it possible to collect nearly 26 tons of food in 10 years, or 52,000 meals, or to send 5.5 tons of clothing for the Philippine victims of a typhoon last year.

Results of the 2019 edition of Yachts of the Heart: 4m3 of donations (linen and clothing) to the French Red Cross, 1/2 tonne of net food, non-perishable drinks to the Food Bank, equivalent to 1,000 meals and 200€ of donations for the SNSM.