The launch of a yachting technopolis at the port confirms its technological positioning of tomorrow.

On 10 June, the Port Vauban “made” the event by inviting the innovative companies of the Sophia Antipolis technopolis to create, Under the sponsorship of the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur and CASA, the future technopolis of yachting.

This is obvious when we recall that yachting constitutes a global market of almost 24 billion euros, where the region represents 50% of the fleet and where, for the department of the Maritime Alps alone, its weight represents a total of 50 etablishments and 1780 direct jobs.

As with other Sophia Antipolis companies, the large yachting market represents a major economic windfall for Seatsatcom. “With 3000 yachts in the territory, or 2 to 3 million turnover per unit per year, we have a treasure at the gates of Sophia. And the Port Vauban is naturally the flagship of this market” insists Antoine Perry, its leader.

An initiative highly anticipated by economic actors within the broader Framework of the Vauban 21 project which will redraw and strengthen Vauban’s positionning as a “smart port” of the 3rd millennium.

For us this port is a beacon. We are very interested in it” comments Philippe Bardey, President of ACRI, who has been present in Sophia Antipolis for thirty years, especially with a cluster of activities focused on maritime and river engineering.

Watch, training, digital applications, promises of artificial intelligence, it is a broad overview that the hundred participants, now firmly committed to transforming the trial and feeding the Port Vauban, with innovative projects.

With a first realisation this summer and the implementation of a mobile application for boaters whose goal is to further smoothen the Relationship with customers and the qualified knowledge of their expectations. It is the whole logic of operation and delivery of the service that benefits from the logics of geolocation,, dashboards and integrated CRM: data of passage, control of the work, compliance with standards, monitoring, satisfaction and approval of use, supplier rating, calibration and optimization of contact…

The center of gravity in this and other areas is the ability to capture data and make its processing as fluid as possible. And at the Vauban port, we rely on a structured Customer Relationship Policy and a lot of users” said Emmanuel Souraud, SmartConnectService’s CEO.

Sophia Antipoli’s 50th anniversary was an ideal spearhead. “We must do with yachting what has been achieved with Sophia: the intersection of knowledge, politics and business” concludes Alexandre Follot, Casa’s Deputy Managing Director of Economic Development and Sustainable Development.