Fishing has always been part of Jean’s life: former instructor for the FFPM (French Federation of Sea’s Fishermen) and now an active member of the APPA (Recreational Association of Antibes Fishermen).

Jean welcomed us around mid-april on his boat, the “ESTEM”, a mix of his twi great grandchildren’s names: Estelle and Emile. In Antibes, since 1984, he left Morocco for France to give a chance to his two children to attend french schools and enjoy that education system.

Jean fell in love with Antibes, where he created the “Fishig School of Antibes” with his two longtime friends Jean-Marie Gotte and Michel Steve. He always loved teaching and passing on his knowledge as a former teacher at a Professional high school.

His son Thierry gifted him his very first boat: “not a big boat but it clearly did the job! During a sea trip with the Fishing School, I damaged it on some undeclared rocks” he emphasizes. After this misadventure, Jean could not picture his life without a boat, so he ended up buying his own boat – still using to this day.

What are your thoughts about the general atmosphere on the port ?

I come to the Port Vauban everyday, even though the weather is not always the best in the winter. I need to stay active everyday. Coming to the port helps me meet with my friends as well as the other members of the APPA“.

The APPA is an association located on the port which has more than 250 active members, who actively contribute to the Port Vauban’s life, especially by organizing numerous fishing contests. Patrols are organized each day in order to ensure welcoming and registration of their fishing contests participants.

His boat has always been on the APPA’s docks. Formerly on Dock 3, he now is on Dock 4. “There always is a nice atmosphere on the docks. We assist each other and share some friendly moment and aperitif night. One of ou boat is even fondly named the “Aperitif Boat“.

How do you see the Port today after spending so many years there ?

The Port Vauban is evolving a lot. I really appreciate events for boaters and locals such as “Café Ponton” that I often attend (morning coffee on decks, hosted by Port Vauban teams 3 times per month)”.

Still, Jean regrets not being able to gather in a specific area, made for boaters. “A café on the port could help us mingle and meet whenever we feel like it“.