Everyone is waiting for this project, which will determine its fate at 20 years and mobilize and Investment of 135 million euros!

Architects, construction engineers, economists, specialists in lighting or signage, landscape designers, scenographers… The goal lies in the alchemy. During the consultation, the Prost firm seduced the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur teams by its “landcape” oriented approach and its experience of heritage structures caracteristic of Vauban. “The CCI wanted an agile actor” explains Stephane Attali (Director of Construction at the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur).

We started with a tight but fully mobilized team that we then progressively expanded” responds Philippe Prost (Head of the Prost firm).

Quickly, the teams identified the key to success: a long term project, highly evolutive, that integrates without reducing, the multiplicity of the port use culture.

We have became used to managing this type of project with very fragmented approches. In the case of Gallice and Vauban, we had to collectively define sustainable lines of force” insists Myriam Prieur (Port Engineering Project Manager at CCI Nice Côte d’Azur). A long commitment where only the continuity will allow the project to be seen on different levels.

Another issue on the conduct of the project, the technical articulation between designers and operators. “Indeed, it is a real challenge to be able to translate the architectural design for operational teams. Hence the importance of the working Relationship and the listening climate to ensure continuity until execution” says Virginie ROSTAGNE (Project Manager).

So successful alchemy?

Initially, the flight plan was “Draw Me a Harbor”. So we built while advancing. Today, the toughest the lines appear to us, the more the adaptability of the project is confirmed” says Philippe Prost.

Next steps?

In 2019, the continuity of the works of improvement, embelishment and the restoration of the prestigious ramparts. While waiting for the flagship of the new Port Vauban to emerge: a panoramic restaurant on the site of the harbor master’s office, a brand new Yacht Club at the end of the billionnaire’s wharf, the new shipyards workshops, or the footbridge building in the heart of the Port at Anse Saint Roch, etc.

And 2019 will also see the roll-up of the European GRITACESS project around valuing Port Vauban’s maritime and port heritage. A double course, real and virtual, is being developed.