With the launch of several projects planned for the low season 2019-2020, the port teams and the Philippe Prost Architecture Workshop are implementing the first phase of the Vauban 21 project, which aims to make the port the Mediterranean reference for the ports of the 3rd millennium.

The first two projects will be prototypes of the future development of the project, planned as part of the Vauban 21 project. First, the rehabilitation of the Y wharf in St. Roch Cove, with the creation of a wastewater system on which yachts over 20 metres in length can connect to empty grey and black water (the system will then be returned to the City’s wastewater system). But it is also the resumption of the electricity network, in order to increase power levels and the installation of new terminals for both electricity and drinking water supplies. Finally, the rehabilitation of the wharf is planned, including the repair of the asphalt, the deployment of the lighting plan and future signage for the port, as well as the integration of the wharf into the landscape. The second project will involve the refurbishment of pontoon 18 at the level of small boats, with the refurbishment of electrical bollards, quay fenders, mooring cleats, but also the deployment of signage and lighting for the architectural project, as well as a gate at the entrance to the pontoon.

Two other projects related to the architectural project will also be implemented. The first concerns the reinforcement of the breakwater at station n°1 of the Quai des Milliardaires, which will make it possible to stop the settling and straighten the breakwater. The mooring bollards will also be refurbished as part of this project and wharf fenders will be integrated. The second consists in the creation of a sanitation system at the Rambaud wharf in the old port, in order to connect boats over 20 metres long for the emptying of their grey and black water.
These projects are therefore a first step towards modernising the port’s facilities and improving customer services. To be continued!