Four saddleries are situated on the Port Vauban to serve and assist local customers with their orders. They are strategically located, open everyday (except on Sundays). Their owners enjoy coming on the port each morning to live off their passion: crafts-manship.

We met with them to further discuss their everyday reality. Some of them were busy tailoring new orders, others were completely remodelling their stores. We are happy to share that experience with you!


  • Tony – Alex sellerie

For the past two years, Alex handed out the management of the saddlery to Tony, his 23 year old son. We met him while he was renovating boat cushions.

He has been working alongside his father since 2014 and took over after his dad decided to retire. The store has been there for 22 years and solely focuses on marine furnishings.


  • Michel et Roland – Filao

We had the opportunity to interview them while fixing a protective canvas at their saddlery based on the South Pier. Michel, founder of Filao, also owns a store located at 6 avenue Tournelli, Antibes.

A few years ago, he first was a law student and his sister was then managing a saddlery named “Au fil de l’eau”. When deciding to take over the business, Michel tried to find a similar name close to his sister’s. He then chose to name it “Filao”, inspired by a tropical tree from Africa.


  • Philippe – Phil Marine

Philippe was delighted to get interviewed at his saddlery, facing the SRA facilities. He told us more about his previous job and his many years spent in the PR industry. His mother was part of the very first saddlers in Vauban. Hers was named Marianne Marine.

Philippe was always there to assist his mother with the business and ended up taking over. He now has been working on the Port for the past 30 years, sewing anything that could be sewn, apart from sail fabric.

As a matter of fact, he specified that sail had be sewn by zig-zag stitching whereas hsi specially is straight stitching. At the beginning, hsi market was solely made of boat crews but he eventually had to expand to other locals not to suffer from seasonality.


  • Guy et Manu – Fil à Suivre

Guy and his employee Manu kindly greeted us. Guy, founder and manager of “Fil a suivre” for the past 32 years, told us more about Learning how to sew and being employed in the West Indies at a younger age, then wanting to launch is own business.

Guy owns a store located at 13 rue Sadi Carnot, Antibes where he focuses on interior rénovations: decoration, cushions, curtains etc. Whereas Manu, mainly based at the truck on the port, prioritizes exterior remodelling.