Pontoon, bollard, guardrail… the essential elements for securing and modernising the Vauban port are being revamped in order to prepare the site for the upcoming new season.

After the replacement of the old guardrails – dilapidated and rusty – on the St. Clare’s platform (investment of €60,000), the work to replace pontoons 16 and 17 has just been completed. They consisted in removing the pontoons (removal of electrical terminals, water terminals and cables) and removing the old metal decks. These have been replaced by aluminium decks covered with wooden decking, which is more aesthetic and resistant to both UV and marine environments.

The pontoons were then re-equipped with new bollards sharing water, electricity and lighting for the comfort of boaters. Total investment cost: approximately €250,000.
Since 25 March, the work to replace the peak bollard at substation 1 (the largest substation in the Vauban port) has been underway. For an investment of 120 000 €, it consists in demolishing the old, completely cracked concrete massif to recreate a new one capable of resuming a mooring effort of 100T.

Finally, a worksite to fill in the scouring of the quayside feet will start within the old port for an investment of 160,000 € to fill the underwater cavities that have been created in the quays.