Stanislava – Made In Serbie

“I have known many ports, especially in Mediterranean, but none does look like Vauban”.

A face that you will probably meet: Stanislava is one of the 18 seasonal recruits that the port Vauban have recruited to start the season. Welcome and reservation agent, Stanislava will be a privileged interlocutor to reception the demands of the clients of the harbour this summer. Attached to the “Quai des Milliardaires” (Billionaire’s Quay) on which she took her marks since the 1st of May, she will be present for the whole season until the 15th of September.

International profile and local attaches. Her career combines the two: Serbian from origin, of course polyglottal, she studied languages, first in Serbia, and then here in France at the University of Nice, and later specialised in tourism management and travels as a Master.
Specialised studies, but also already a lot of experience, notably the cruise at InterCruises that made her browse ports in “clients” position: “I had the whole management of the excursions, which allowed me to learn how to accompany the expectations of a cruise customer, what he wants to discover, browse or buy for example”.
Other experiences in the hotel industry (Le Plaza in Nice) and more recently as a commercial assistant (Pavillon Traiteur in Mouans Sartoux) gave her a good assurance and the passion of the quality of a service.

And Vauban?
“I have known many ports, especially in Mediterranean, but none does look like Vauban. Here it’s friendly, and communication is easy. I am very happy to be here”.
And how does she see the season? “The season will be full of new products and services for our clients. A lot of services have been created. As for me, my goal is to personalize the service and to go beyond our customers”, she said with a welcoming smile.

Portrait ofStanislava DrazicPhotography ByMarine Di FrancoRedactionLe Fond est la Forme