Crossed Vision : “Les Voiles d’Antibes”

Brice, in charge of the management of the water body, manager of craft, evokes with enthusiasm the Voiles d’Antibes, an unavoidable event, well positioned in terms of image and which exploits in an ideal way the whole attractivity of the place. «It is a unique regatta, firstly on the register of the comradeship, with 85 boats in competition and 95 boats at dockside this year». Innovation this year, the twinning with the ‘Nautic ClassicYacht RDV’, 1st meeting of traditional yachts. A shared success with a lot of professionals: «The brokers, carpenters, the saddlery, all the professionals of the sector benefit from it».

Client and partner of the port, the association would like to consolidate its partnership with Vauban from which it enjoys the project: «There are already some positive tangible changes like towing aid, hospitality management, listening to the teams/i>». A qualitative support on which the association will lean in the future and which has the ambition to open the event to other boat classes.

Co-organiser of the Voiles d’Antibes, Maurice Carette is attentive to the attractivity of the event beyond the competition. «The city created three years ago ‘l’Office Du Commerce’ to which we wanted to get associated in order to open the event». This year, les Voiles d’Antibes would have represented 85 boats, 900 crew, and … from 3500 to 4000 visitors. This confirms the impact of the boating on the commercial activity around the port «from the broker to the cleaning of bridges, it is a whole chain of jobs which is supported by the boating». Hence the importance of the project Vauban 21: «This was the thing needed for Vauban. A modern and human project. This is also why the CCI is legitimate to carry it out”.

The future?It is firstly good to lay the groundwork, to show visibility, to wake the port. Then, we know that other realisations will come and that we will be able to think of a strategy on the long term».

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