Atalante, the Yachters Landmark

First, why “Atalante”?
A name drawn from the family memory: “Atalante is the name of a submarine of the second world war on which my grandfather officiated” precises Guillaume, the manager of this shop in the old Antibes.
Nestled in patio next to an antique dealer in a more classic style, the shop is a mix of modern and innovative art and trade. Guillaume develops his peinter profile by combining references of the “street” culture and other artistic writings, more personal. “At the image of the old Antibes, so at the same time cultural and maritime”.

After an art school in Nantes, a companionship in Bordeaux and a strong anchoring in Antibes (for 28 years!) he has known how to implement his concept and make his shop a ritual appointment for the crews of the yachts who do not fail to visit him regularly. “WE naturally lean on the activity of the port which is clearly a business generator for us”.

To buy what?
The concept is large, some people come for clothe, quality or other accessories, all are attracted by the unusual. “I even developed a form of community with which we organize some cultural and artistic events. The yachting community are my regular customers”, says Guillaume.

The ritual is that strong that his clients from the boats send him messages to prevent their visit and to know about the news.

Portrait ofGuillaume from Atalante StorePhotography ByMarine Di FrancoRedactionLe Fond est la FormeMore Infos