Alexandre Gannier – Association Cétacés

The doctor Alexandre Gannier, chairs the cetacean research association for thirty years. Passionate scientist, he just signed a partnership agreement with the Port Vauban. “It is important for us to consolidate the excellent reception conditions of our activities at the Port Vauban.”

We must say that Antibes is at the heart of the marine mammal sanctuary. It is a place well oriented for the observation of the cetacean. “This explains why we first came to Antibes: in 30 minutes sailing, searching with a little bit of patience, we know that here we can see dolphins during the whole year”.
The collaboration with Vauban aims also a double pedagogical objective: let the port Vauban take advantage of the scientific knowledge of the association in terms of cetacean, participate at the events organized for the kids from schools, organise in autumn a scientific conference with professionals and the personal of the port.

The association is a research group (GREC) which works only with volunteers and realize subsidized studies. It also welcomes each year about fifteen interns on 2 weeks programs minimum coming from everywhere in France, scientist or territorial agents, but also from Belgium and Switzerland to learn what we call “cetology”, which is the science of cetacean. “We are like immigrants in Vauban since the last fifteen years, we were in Tahiti before”.
For the ones interested, the program of “cetology” is not deterrent financially but is very demanding. Each intern work, pass a theoretical week at CREPS, before a practice week. “It is neither eco-tourism, nor wild watching, it is a real scientific learning process in the real environment” concludes Alexandre.

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