A first… Vauban’s teams held an information point with the Port’s customers on Saturday 9 March.


For more than two hours, all the yachtsmen and port professionals were able to ask their questions or simply give their opinions on some of the topics “in the spotlight”: pricing, new car park organisation, port facilities.

In a climate of direct and transparent dialogue, the participants requested, at source, the technical, financial and legal information necessary for a better understanding of the modernisation and professionalisation policy undertaken by the port manager.

To know better the different formulas for parking subscriptions, to understand the conditions for applying the pricing policy, but also to report here and there some dysfunctions or wishes for improvement, the morning was not in vain.

With about fifty people present, about a hundred questions or requests formulated (*), it will have reinforced the general management in its choice of communication: to listen, report and explain.

Moreover, further field meetings are expected later in the season, depending on the port’s current situation and the progress of its ambitious development programme.