On Saturday 27 April 2019, around thirty volunteers and professional divers gathered to clean up the seabed of the Port Vauban.

This action led by the Hope association and its students from Skema Business School and Port Vauban aimed to collect waste accumulated on the seabed. Given the size of the Port, it is impossible to tackle the whole of it. As a result, the teams mobilized at the old port from 9am.

No less than 40 volunteers were present, including about ten professional divers (professionals from the Port Vauban and the Antibes fire brigade), about ten students and volunteers from various associations such as the SNSM, Fonds Bleus and Eco Tank.

No less than 10m3 of waste was collected, or 1,740 tonnes: many tires that were previously used as fenders, many glass bottles but also barrels or a bicycle. This waste had been present for a few months, a few years or even a few decades.

Beyond the clean-up, the aim was to raise awareness among boaters and the public of the need to respect the environment and the seabed.

On the Jean-Moulin esplanade, a few stands were run by students and port staff to raise public awareness of waste degradation, algae relocation, the Bio Ut… project.
This action has been a real success and will be repeated at the end of next year.