Rules and regulations

  1. Upon arrival of the yacht in Port Vauban, the Captain, owner or user is required to establish an arrival statement which he will provide with the ship’s papers to the administrative services of the port. The captain, owner or user must provide proof of liability insurance including fire, damage to port facilities and other vessels. Lack of insurance proof or insurance premiums payment will lead to the boat’s prompt departure from the port.
  2. Payment of mooring fees does not entitle the car parking on the docks and does not include any services. Captains, owners or users should pay in addition to the mooring charges, fees for various services provided to them (access to the services such as water, electricity, etc)
  3. The fees correspond to the duration of the stay as stated in the declaration of entry. Their payment is due upon delivery of the statement at the beginning of the stay.
  4. The extension of the initial duration of call requires a prior approval of the port’s management service. All requests must be made the day before the expiry date of the stay and require the presentation of the last receipt.
  5. The duration of the stay is counted in number of days, hence, for periods of 24 hours 12.00 to 12.00, every day started is due. The schedule of arrival and departure can be arranged depending on the operating constraints of the port or weather. Thus, for example, a boat arrived on Tuesday at 8am and before leaving port on Wednesday at 3 pm, will have to pay the fees for two days.
  6. The Port Management may, for safety reasons, ask the boat owner to leave the certificate of registry or any other document proving the registration of the vessel. The documents will be returned to him upon proof of payment of taxes.
  7. If the departure of the vessel is between 8pm and 7 am, the captain, owner or user of the vessel must notify the port management the day before the departure.
  8. Even if they are not subject to have identification marks, all boats moored in the port shall bear an inscription that allows to find the owner, the name of the boat or its registration number.
  9. Users of Port Vauban are obliged to respect the maritime, customs and taxation rules, as well as the sanitary conditions of roads and general police rules.
  10. All offenses to the port rules will be sanctioned. The fines are drawn up by sworn officers and persecutions may be brought to the competent administrative and judicial authorities.
  11. All fees due by the users of the port that are subject to a complaint or a reminder of the Port Vauban Management Company will be increased by 10%
  12. Any vessel unduly occupying a berth or part of one of the basins, may be moved without notice by the port service, at the expense and risk of the owner or manager of the vessel.

The vessel will be moved automatically to a berth in its category in the public part or leased part of the port, leaving it to the owner or operator of the ship, to settle mooring charges related to that berth and all tow costs. Furthermore, for reasons of safety or emergency, the police officers of the harbour may at any time board the vessel without having to seek permission form the owner or manager.