His face might be familiar to you: Jullian, 26 years old, is part of the summer workforce of the Port Vauban for the second time in a row. 

In the summer of 2016, he joined the Port of Nice team for the first time. After this successful experience, he decided to join the Port Vauban team for a few months in 2018. He is back again this year and enjoys sharing his daily routine with us.

Could you, introduce yourself?

As a chilf, I would always borrow the family video camera. I realized that I loved making them. I always watch a movie twice: the first time as a regular Spectator; the second time to analyze each sequence, trying to understand better how the movie has been imagined. I studied information and communications (cinema specialization) at the Univeristy of Nice. After graduating and spending a year in Malte for Erasmus, I felt the need to start my own career as a videographer and photographer“.

His career as freelance cameraman fits well with his summer activities at the Port Vauban. When we asked him if he wanted to be the photographer of this Vauban Mag, he immediately accepted. “I appreciate the flexibility of my Schedule according to my punctual missions as a cameraman. Diversity is good for motivation”.

What do you think about the Port  Vauban?

I appreciate the relation that we have with each Customer, here, at Port Vauban. In Nice, my job was to welcome ferry boats and commercial vessels. Mostly logistics, signage and customers orientation at their arrivals. Today, I respond to the Port Vauban customers needs, help them at arrival, during their stay until they leave“.

What are your expectations for this second year at Port Vauban?

My experience here will help me to recognize some customers and anticipate their needs. Also, I already know how the Port operates which will help me assisting the new members of my team“. Jullian also tells us that thanks to his past experience, he is now more confident, more pleasant with the customers and more efficient.