This child from the country, born in Antibes, who has made his products in between Vallauris, Golfe-Juan, Nice, Cannes and Menton is an independent artist which always stays in contact with ‘his sea’. Vauban inspires his creative work. He just delivered for the port an original graphist composition in the spirit of the place: «I tried to bring back the lightness of the marine air, liven up by firm typographic elements bringing the solidity of the port Vauban». A set composed of 3 different typefaces and displaying a circular shape reinforcing the idea of the accessibility and playing on an elegant design. An ideal concept to illustrate and dress up the ‘Welcome Bag’ distributed this season to the clients of the port. Precocious artist, earlier then middle school, he is fascinated by illustrations associated with the skate universe, then converted to graffiti, to typography, and to the drawing techniques assisted by computers. Finally comes the graphism, to which he decides to be formed at 18 years old.

If the sea gives him a sense of escape where his creativity nourishes, Hakim started his professional career in a communication agency, in Nice, at 21 years old! Propelled very quickly creative director, he pushed the adventure further three years later by creating his own independent activity and serving many local businesses. At 25 years old, he is even hired by a group from Cannes which manages restaurants, nightclubs and beaches. Aware of the famous port Vauban and its visibility, he has not been asked to put his artistic qualities to the service of what he calls himself «an institution».