« Whatever you need, when you need it, wherever you are. »

The baseline is promising … GOURMET DELIVERIES is a team of professionals able to transport and deliver the best of quality and to serve its customers, yachts or villa owners, quickly, wherever they are. “We deliver to Vauban every day. We serve large yachts that have been an important part of our business for 10 years. Our business globally makes a total of sixty people work“explains Gabi. Visually very identifiable (GOURMET DELIVERIES loves pink …), dispatched to the meeting points agreed with customers, the team delivers tenders of high-end food of course but also flowers, delicate foods, organic, indoor items, and even cigars …

What trends exactly on yachts?
More and more, we are being asked for products that are suitable for specific diets or dietary patterns: gluten-free for example or Vegan products. And we are obviously responding to it …“promises Gabi.
If Gabi, and her two partners Helen and Corinne are at all times the challenge of cost and quality, the other challenge is that of mobility. Particularly well positioned on the coast, from Marseille to Genoa, GOURMET DELIVERIES travels all over Europe with its refrigerated trucks, and can also activate its network by plane and intervene anywhere in the world.