The project for Port Vauban is centred around service, technology and innovation with the objective of promoting security, eco-responsibility and the importance of cultural heritage.

VAUBAN 21 will be investing 135 Million Euros into the regeneration of Port Vauban and Antibes over the next 25 years.


  • New capitainerie with helipad for 2 helicopters
  • Concierge service / Hospitality Desk
  • Crew leisure centre with fitness and library facilities
  • Storage boxes
  • ISPS Area

Shipyard Area - Fort Carré

  • 2 shipyards
  • Area for artisans & professionals
  • Storage boxes for yachts
  • New access route for Fort Carré

Anse Saint Roch

  • A yachting campus for training courses, seminaires and conferences
  • Port centre with exposition space
  • Service area for berth holders
  • Administration and associations
  • Surface approx 2000m2

Capitainerie Port Vauban

  • A new capitainerie
  • Service area for berth holders and visitors
  • Restaurant and yacht club
  • Terrace with panoramic views of the marina and spectacular coastal views
  • Contemporary event area in front of the new capitainerie

Future Services

Other wide-ranging services include: a technologically advanced facility for yacht maintenance; permanent administrative services; a reservation platform for yacht owners and captains; long-distance payment systems; effective contract management systems for winter, summer and leased berths; unlimited high-speed internet; partnerships with local businesses and boutiques; renovated laundrettes and washing facilities; transport services and parking.


A vital component of the Port Vauban project is creating harmony and union between the heritage of the marina and its modern, prosperous future. This will be achieved with the help of an architectural study focusing on the ancient structures of the port, its 19th century renovations and recent constructions as the project seeks to establish tangible links between the three.


Open 24/7, the port’s existing security measures will be bolstered by an additional 162 CCTV cameras and close relationships with the Prefecture and the National Police force.


Systems will be installed to monitor water quality and waste management. Adhesion to the Blue Flag and Iso 9001 (water quality management system) certifications has begun with the establishment of a charter relating to sustainable development. The port is committed to a noise reduction and prevention plan.