Exocet offers a unique marine experience from the Port Vauban. For ages 7 to 77.

Briefing at 8:00am on the “Moguntia”, around a breakfast served by the organizers, departure for a day of discovery and aquatic pleasures. Barely an hour later, the boat reaches the spot. Then, a patient and respectful waiting period does the rest: “It is the dolphin who chooses and we quickly see his intent to play with the swimmers. A bit like puppies, they turn and agitate, it’s a sign that they’re willing to share”. An eco-tourism, therefore, but with maximum précautions, respectful of the codes of the species: “We do not touch the dolphin, two teams limited to 6 participants alternate the dives. We are careful to focus on Young adults, and we leave teh “nurseries” alone for the peace of the mother and the infant“.

Although playful, the activity does not deny the pedagogical contribution. “We work in partnership with Philippe Maurt, one of the best ethologists in the world with whom we organize naturalistic winter outings“. Not to mention the contribution to research: Exocet collects scientific data at each outing, which will then be compiled by the Sillage network.

Each dolphin has its own peculiarities and seasonality. The most sociable, the Risso dolphin (end of season) and the pilot whale (from August). And the Tursiops (Flipper) (Spring) and the Steno (all year round). The 4 species are present in the Bay of Antibes.

Sometimes good chance leads to other species, turtles, but also whales that can reach 25m! “I once spent almost an hour with a whale approaching me and then wlaking away as soon as I moved towards it. An unforgettable experience” says Jean-Michel Cané.

Present on Port Vauban for 8 years, the activities offered by Exocet attract all lovers of the sea. Anyone who once had this dream of swimming with a dolphin knows that they will be able to do it here in Antibes in privileged conditions. And if by bad luck, “the” meeting does not take place, the participants are re-invited. “We know that our customers are taking a proactive approach and preparing for it. That’s why we consider contributing to the attractiveness of the site“.