Environmental Preservation

Since 2014, Port Vauban has obtained the Clean Ports (Ports Propres) European Certification. Currently the marina offers its berth holders a clean, healthy and preserved environment and this remains one of Port Vauban’s top priorities. Also, Port Vauban is committed to protecting the sea and its marine life, and ensuring they remain intact for future generations.

A free pumping station for black and grey water is available in the self service area which is located at the reception quay. You can request assistance at the Harbour Master’s office.

An innovative environmental approach: Biohut®

The port manages a sheltered area with shallow water that was once particularly conducive to the development of fauna and flora, and played an important role in the reproductive cycles of many species of fish. Objectives have been set to qualitatively and quantitatively improve the ecological functionality of the port as a nursery for young fish in the area. In 2015 and 2020, in partnership with the City of Antibes and with the financial support of the County Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, and Water Agency Rhone Mediterranean Corsica, Port Vauban has used the expertise of Ecocean to install approximately 90 BIOHUT.

Cystore's Project

Cystore is a significant type of seaweed because it feeds a lot of fishes. Much more seaweed is necessary on the port to help fishes. So some rocks have been moved in order to build a seaweed-wall and help this area expand in June and July 2017. Over 1 000 strains were put there in order to help with the expansion. Fishes can find most of their food resources there.

Eco Transport

The port has invested in eco-friendly bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and golf cars to enable environmentally friendly travel around the port.