“When I arrived at Port Vauban, for me, bollards were mooring bollards. And I didn’t know what a mole was. “But that was before. Since David Pons learned. And well learned since he took up his position as Maintenance Manager.

Holder of a licence in industrial maintenance, if he has been hired at Port Vauban, it is not, as we can understand, for his port experience but for his professional skills, of course. He worked at Vibrax as a “method technician”, responsible for the group’s maintenance policy. “What I like is solving problems! “In short, the right man at the right place to intervene quickly and well.

What are the major projects of the year? First, the strengthening of video surveillance, with the installation of 116 additional cameras. Or, the implementation of remote reading of water and electricity consumption of boats. Projects that he manages with a willingness: “Keep in touch with the field”. A good way to support your team, four people in total. “Just because I’m the one in charge doesn’t mean I have to wait for others to do all the work. Moreover, I am not here to teach them their job: they know it perfectly. On the other hand, I am here for the benefit of the service above all and therefore to support them if necessary. “Like that day when, to prepare the Salon de la Pêche, he stayed very late at night with his teams to move a floating pontoon boat that was a bit… recalcitrant! Problem solved.

Photography: © Studio Dinkymage