The involvement of the teams and the quality of the relationship between actors and users will have been valuable in overcoming the health crisis and its consequences. Review of the actions implemented by the Port Vauban :

The Port Vauban worked in close proximity to ensure emergency responses, the safety of its employees, the safety of its customers, the organisation of the waterway, the processing of requests, information, life on the site and the continuation of development projects. Our watchwords are contact, listening and responsiveness.
As the monitoring teams were on site throughout the containment period, safety and day-to-day services were maintained under exceptional conditions. At the beginning of the confinement period, a vast campaign of telephone calls to customers confined to their boats, yachtsmen and crews was launched, around 70 individual calls.

A 24-hour telephone answering service has replaced the physical reception service so that each client’s question or request can be dealt with within a limited time frame. The employees assigned to this function have been trained to respond precisely to legal and regulatory questions in a highly unstable environment.

Customer service has become a one-stop shop, handling all requests in coordination with the various departments. From the start of the containment, the port has also set up a newsletter containing legal news and practical training (18 issues in mid-May). With more than 60% of consultations, around 1,000 readings per issue, this in- training support has been very well received.

A new feature, “your boats are doing well”, with photos taken by the operating teams every day and put online, has enabled everyone to
boaters to visualize their boat and be reassured by the “image”. For the users staying on the boats and for the crews on board, i.e. around 300 people, the port has organised a mail and parcel distribution system compatible with the health rules imposed by the containment. Finally, the reactivation of digicodes at the entrance to each quay, even during the day, has made it possible to reinforce security.

Boats present at the Vauban port that could not reach another home port have had their contracts extended on the same berth or on another berth made available elsewhere, notably within the Riviera Ports network managed by the Nice Côte d’Azur CCI (Cannes, Golfe-Juan, Nice). Taking into account the financial repercussions, the management teams of the port have also been able to propose, on a case by case basis, terms and payment schedules adapted to personal situations.

In a few figures :

  • 725 CALLS per month handled by the customer reception service
  • 962 PACKAGES DISTRIBUTED to boaters and professionals
  • + 581% OF CONTENT shared from the facebook page of the port