Vauban was the first port to be associated with the “Ships of the Heart” operation, a solidarity initiative offering sea outings to care staff as a token of thanks and recognition.

The idea came from Jean-Luc Guitard, a yachtsman from Menton. He wanted to use his talents as a captain to offer hospital staff a well-deserved moment of relaxation and rest. But in the face of the craze, and in order to be able to honour requests from all over France, he transformed his personal initiative into a solidarity project: “The boats of the heart”.
The ports of Vauban, Gallice, the Old Port of Cannes, but also other ports throughout France have joined the operation by requesting their boaters and their network, to facilitate the link between owners and caregivers.

A special day at sea, organised jointly with the Société des Régates d’Antibes (SRA), is already planned for 5th September in Port Vauban. All captains of sailing or motor boats wishing to volunteer for the operation can register. All you have to do is fill in a registration form, online on the website of the Société des Régates d’Antibes. As far as the caregivers who can benefit from this operation are concerned, the SRA is currently coordinating the list of participants with the hospitals of Antibes.

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