The Port Vauban committed to an important security and remodeling program. First step : repair the decks, bollards, guardails…


  • Decks 16 and 17

These decks were recently fully renovated.

The steel decks were replaced by aluminium ones, latest générations of electrical and water outputs were installed. Boaters can now moore their boats on those new decks and enjoy their stay.


  • The Gravette’s guardails

This area is strongly exposed to Wind and sea spray and suffered some strong impairments due to exceptional weather conditions. The security of those guardails was not yet considered. This area has a “Natura 2000” classification which means that colors, design, and materials, were imposed by the Official French Architects Body.


  • Video protection

The whole port is secured by 150 cameras: 80 brand new video cameras and 49 there for a few years now (15 of them were recently replaced). A 360 degree monitoring is now garanteed by this system.


  • Dock scouring

All docks will be renovated by the end of the year. This construction work has starten on the old part of the port and will expand to the rest in the near future.